Monat: März 2023

Bitcoin Network Preps for Difficulty Spike as Hashrate & Profits Surge

Bitcoin Difficulty Expected to Rise

• Following the last two difficulty increases on the Bitcoin network, another rise in difficulty is expected to take place on March 24, 2023.
• Statistics show that Bitcoin’s hashrate has remained high despite the last two adjustments, and block times have been faster than the ten-minute average.
• At present, the estimated difficulty change for Friday, March 24th is expected to be between 2.51% and 5.7% higher than the current 43.55 trillion.

Hashrate Remains Strong Despite Increase in Difficulty

The Bitcoin network is preparing for another difficulty spike as hashrate remains strong and miners benefit from a surge in price following recent increases in difficulty over the past two weeks. At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s hashrate stands at an all-time high of 319.86 EH/s and its spot value is now above what it costs to mine it. This has been a boon for miners who have had to deal with consecutive 9.95% and 1.16% rises in difficulty respectively on February 24th and March 10th this year. As such, block interval times (the time between blocks being mined) are still less than their ten-minute average which currently ranges between nine minutes and 28 seconds up to nine minutes and 31 seconds.

Estimated Difficulty Change For March 24th

Current estimates suggest that when adjusted on Friday, March 24th, difficulty could potentially rise above 50 trillion hashes mark; with target range likely being between 44.64 trillion and 49.25 trillion – a possible increase of 2.51-5 .7%. These figures indicate that if miners maintain or even accelerate their pace then this adjustment could see a significant jump in difficulty levels across the board for all participants involved in mining Bitcoin on the network today .

Mining Pool Distribution Statistics

Mining distribution statistics show that Foundry USA is currently leading bitcoin mining pool with 97.22 EH/s or 30 .31 %of global hashrate followed by Antpool with 61 .03 EH/s , F2pool with 46 .13 EH/s , Binance Pool , Viabtc command 84 .52 % of global hashrate as of march 21st 2023 according to three day metrics .


In conclusion , Bitcoin ‚ s hash rate remains strong despite recent increases in difficulty levels , allowing block intervals remain well below their ten minute averages while miners continue to benefit from price surge amid rising demand for digital assets.. Current estimates suggest that when adjusted on Friday ,24 th march 2021 there could be a further increase of 2 .51 -5 .7 % indicating an eventual rise above 50 trillon hashes mark across board for all participants involved in mining bitcoin today which would be great news for investors looking make money from digital currency markets

HSBC Acquires SVB UK: Deposits Protected, No Taxpayer Support Needed

• The British government and the Bank of England facilitated a private sale of Silicon Valley Bank UK to HSBC.
• Deposits are protected with no taxpayer support.
• HSBC has acquired Silicon Valley Bank UK for £1 and will be funded from existing resources.

Facilitated Sale

The British government and the central bank, the Bank of England, have facilitated a private sale of Silicon Valley Bank UK to HSBC, according to Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt. He stressed that „Deposits will be protected, with no taxpayer support.“

HSBC Acquisition

HSBC has acquired Silicon Valley Bank UK (SVB UK), the British subsidiary of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) that was shut down by U.S. regulators on Friday. In a filing with the London Stock Exchange Monday, HSBC stated that its U.K. subsidiary, HSBC UK Bank plc, is acquiring Silicon Valley Bank UK Ltd. for £1 ($1.22). The filing details that as of March 10,“ SVB UK had loans of around £5.5bn and deposits of around £6.7bn.“ Moreover, for the financial year ending Dec 22 2022,the filing states that „SVB UK recorded a profit before tax of £88m,“ adding that the British subsidiary’s „tangible equity is expected to be around £1.4bn.“

Funding & Resources

HSBC noted: „The assets and liabilities of the parent companiesof SVBUK are excluded from the transaction.“ The acquisition will be funded from existing resources“ Noel Quinn, HSBC Group’s CEO commented: This acquisition makes excellent strategic sense for our business in the U.K .It strengthens our commercial banking franchiseand enhances our abilityto serve innovative and fast-growing firms including in technology and life science sectors in U .K .and internationally“.” “SVBUK customers can continue to bank as usual,“the executive clarified adding: „We warmly welcome SVBUK colleagues to HSBC , we are excitedto start working with them .“

Protection Measures

In the US ,the Department Of Treasury ,the Board Of Governors Of Federal Reserve System And Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC )have taken measures toprotect SVB depositors they announced Sunday : “Depositors will have access to allof their money starting Monday ,March 13th No losses associated with resolutionof silicon valley bankwill be borne by taxpayer .”


With this acquisition ,HSBC strengthens its commercial banking franchiseeand ability to serve innovative and fast growing firms including technologyand life science sector in U .K .and abroad .Adding new services for customersto enjoy while providing protection measures so deposits aren’t lost orborne by taxpayers .

Bitcoin and Ethereum Volatility High: What to Expect This Week

• Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) experienced volatility in prices to start the week. BTC/USD dropped closer to a recent support point at the $22,300 zone, while ETH/USD fell to an intraday low of $1,557.36.
• The recent rise in bearish sentiment has caused bitcoin to fall by as much as 5% in the last seven-day period. A downward crossover between the 10-day (red), and 25-day (blue) moving averages has also transpired, which could be a sign of further sell-offs to come.
• Ethereum’s market cap is down 5% within that period and the 10-day (red) moving average has moved below its 25-day (blue) counterpart, with support at $1,560 preventing further falls. The 14-day relative strength index (RSI) is currently tracking above a floor at the 42.00 mark for Bitcoin and 44.00 for Ethereum respectively.

Volatility in Bitcoin & Ethereum Prices

Bitcoin (BTC) started the week in consolidation, ahead of a key week of economic data from the United States. Following a high of $22,497 on Sunday, BTC/USD slipped to an intraday low of $22,331 earlier in the session. As a result of this move, Bitcoin sank closer to a recent support point at the $22,300 zone. Overall, bearish sentiment has caused bitcoin to fall by as much as 5% in the last seven days period and resulted in a downward crossover between its 10 day red moving average and 25 day blue moving average which could be signifying further sell offs on their way .The 14 day relative strength index(RSI) is presently tracking above its floor at 42 points which may be considered positive for Bitcoin markets .

Ethereum Markets

Ethereum(ETH)’s market cap is down 5 % within that period , it traded at an intraday low of 1557 dollars earlier today . Its 10 day red moving average has gone below its 25 day blue one with support being provided by 1 560 dollars . The relative strength index is hovering around 44 points which may not bode well for ETH markets .

Key Economic Data This Week

This week sees some important economic data coming out from U S economy; nonfarm payrolls will be posted , this will be followed by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech later this week .

Sentiment & Technical Analysis

Recent increase in bearish sentiment coupled with technical analysis such as Moving Average crossovers have pointed towards potential downturns ahead; additionally RSI readings have been mixed so far with BTC’s being higher than ETH’s but both are still close to their respective floors ; if these levels break then more downside movement can be expected from both these cryptocurrencies .


Overall it seems that volatility remains high for both Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets , important economic data coming up later this week will likely decide directionality for both currencies ;sentiment remains largely bearish but technical indicators are mixed so caution should be exercised when entering or exiting positions .