Welcome to GENSEN - the Senegalese national branch of the

Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) a United Nations ECOSOC NGO


The first African national ecovillage network seeks to improve and protect its 45 member villages. Striving for sustainability while preserving our heritage, ecovillagers, and their Senegalese and international partners live and work together.



An ecovillage is a human community established in rural and/or urban setting that, in the process of its development, integrates principals of sustainability. This vision means the development of an integrated approach taken by the community as well as cultural, economical, social, and environmental planning. Thus, the participants incorporate an ecological dimension in the different aspects of their day-to-day lives: ecologically responsible fishing, normed sampling of natural resources, preserving traditional cultures, organic agriculture, using renewable resources and energies, constructing durable housing, and implementing democratic management of community resources.  At present, GEN SEN counts 45 ecovillages throughout the different regions of Senegal.